In this episode, Ivan shares his snow adventure and take a look at new Keith Titanium products. He also discusses the merits of sporks versus separate cutlery. Unboxes the Keith Titanium Double-Walled Mug, Multifunctional Cooker, and Dependabilt’s Arca Attachment. Ivan also shares his experience with the SLED Track System and does a little shooting with the Mini Fix and Solus.


Keith Titanium Double Wall Ti Coffee Mug

Keith Titanium Ti Cutlery Set

Keith Titanium Multifunctional Cooker

Keith Titanium Water Bottle

Dependabilt MLOK Weights

Dependabilt Arca Rail Q-Sert

Dependabilt Kickstand Adapter

Dependabilt Handstop/ Barricade Stop

Aero Precision Solus Rifle

Q LLC MiniFix Rifle

Garmin Xero C-1 Chronograph

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