Today I take a look at some awesome new products from Sig, Kinetic Development Group and Black Triangle.

Brand new from Sig Sauer is their P365-Fuze. A fusion of their P365 pistol with the capability of a full size gun. While maintaining its 1″ wide body, they put a 4.3″ barrel in it, great stippling and a lot of capacity. It ships with a 17 round and (2) 21 round magazines. Pretty awesome.

Also new is their Romeo X Enclosed emitter optics, both compact for the P365 and larger variant for the 320 series of pistols.

And new from Kinetic Development Group is their MREX20. A streamlined replacement rail for the FN SCAR 20 rifle. I really appreciate them doing this. As much as I’ve enjoyed the SCAR, all the 1913 rail has got to go. Their upgraded rail bring the gun in the modern day. I’m looking forward to putting in time with it on my battle rifle.

Lastly, from or friends at Black Triangle, their Serval : Apex Edition. It is a pretty awesome option for non permissive environments. Trading out their traditional wrapped handle for some aggressive texture panels.


Sig P365-Fuze

Sig Romeo-X Compact

Sig Foxtrot 2R


Black Triangle Serval : Apex Edition

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