Ivan reviews Primal 2 and Primal 3 shoes, highlighting their durability and new features. He discusses new SureFire releases, details his host gun setup, and demonstrates shooting with the SOCOM 556 RC3 suppressor. The episode concludes with final thoughts on the Primal 3 shoes and RC3.


Lems Primal 3 Shoes

Surefire SOCOM556 RC3 Suppressor

Reptilia Corp Recce Stock

Die Free Co Kung-Fu Grip

Scalarworks KICK Riser


EOTech Magnifier

Unity Tactical FTC Mount

Criterion Core Barrel

Tactical Distributors Lead-Slinger Sling

Die Free Co. Noodle Brain T-Shirt

Prometheus Design Werx Raider Pants

Varusteleka Sarma Hardshell

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