From time to time, The Tactical Notebook will republish a ‘blast from the past’. When we do this, we take care to bring the old article up to current standards. Thus, we correct typos, check facts, and, most of all, refresh graphics.

The Tactical Notebook revives, in a new medium, the ink-and-paper publication of the same name. The latter, which closed its doors in 1994, received considerable inspiration from AFV-G2: A Magazine for Armor Enthusiasts.

Published between 1969 and 1981, AFV G-2 featured orders-of-battle, classic reprints, and commentary on contemporary conflicts. Most of these, as the name of the publication suggests, dealt with armored fighting vehicles of some sort. Nonetheless, magazine cast such a wide net over its definitive subject that this Schwerpunkt served as a gateway into many other corners of Clio’s realm.

Individual copies of AFV G-2 fetch a pretty penny on the used-book market. However, those interested in the magazine can find digital versions of many issues on the Internet Archive. (Be sure to check your local copyright laws before downloading!)

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