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Downgraded from expert to opinion piece in a day.

Ottawa Matters published an article originally titled "Banning handguns in Canada could reduce local crime, says gun control expert" on June 12, 2019. The frenzy of replies from gun owners online caused the publication to nearly immediately start to back peddle.

Learn the history of the AR-15 classification in order to save it in the future.

The AR-15 has become the Gun Control lobby's ubiquitous poster boy for the need for gun control. However they were once massively disappointed to have it not become prohibited by a grass roots campaign launched by a sport shooting organization.

Suppressors, or silencers, whatever you call them are a valuable tool to protect hearing.

Firearm owners are often given the comparison that “if you have to get a license to drive then you should get a license to own a firearm”. Then along that same logic if your car is required to have a muffler to reduce the amount of noise it creates, why can’t Canadians use suppressors on their firearms to reduce the amount of noise they create? If the train of logic is good enough to create a law, then why can’t it be applied to amend law for actual public safety?

Do the RCMP really not know the amount of rifles in country, or like Sgt Schultz do they "see nothing, know nothing"?

In November 2018 Rob O’Reilly, who at the time was the RCMP’s Director of Firearms Regulatory Services, told a House of Commons committee “We do not know the exact numbers of the firearms, but there has been speculation that they could be in the tens of thousands”. Which leads one to wonder exactly how accurate this statement is?

Are we out of the woods for a ban on the AR-15?

Rumours have recently surrounded the Women Deliver 2019 Global Conference in Vancouver that Prime Minister Trudeau would use the venue to announce a ban on AR-15's and restricted category rifles. The Prime Ministers speaking dates at the conference have passed, but is it time to breathe a sigh of relief?

It's up to you to hold them to EVERY LETTER of their word.

With Bill C-71 being a political hot button with firearm owners Andrew Scheer has promised that the Conservative Party will repeal Bill C-71 and replace it with legislation that targets criminals.

This FAL used to be able to be lawfully used.

With Bill C-71 having passed the Senate and moving to Royal Assent to become law, combined with the talk of bans of AR-15 rifles and pistols, Canadian gun owners are currently in a buying frenzy. But will you be able to use that new firearm into the future?

Bill C-71 has passed the Senate and is onto Royal Assent.

Bill C-71 passed it's third reading in the Canadian Senate yesterday without amendments, which now sends it for Royal assent today to be made into law. The vote passed with 55 in favor, 33 against, and 2 abstentions.

Sign the Petition against Bill C-71.

As you may be aware there is new firearm legislation tabled that has been fast tracked by the Liberal Party of Canada. The debate on this bill has been limited by the fast tracking, and Bill C-71 is being strongly opposed by every Canadian law abiding firearm owner that has read it.

All three firearms pictured are semi-automatic, so is one an "assault weapon"?

With the gun control debate ramping up in the US and Canada one term that you hear thrown around in the narrative is "assault weapon". Gun control advocates and Politicians are using this term to paint entire makes of rifles in a negative light, but do they really know what they are talking about?

The CZ-858 and Swiss Arms rifles are the first prohibited rifles under C-71.

If Bill C-71 passes into law the CZ-858 and the Swiss Arms family of rifles will become prohibited. If this sounds like old news, it kind of is, but it's the second kick at the can of bringing these rifles into the prohibited classification.

Bill C-71 will further stigmatize mental health in firearm owners.

One issue surrounding firearm ownership in Canada is mental illness, and the reluctance to seek help due to fear of loss of property. Once Bill C-71 comes into effect this stigma on a already heavily regulated segment of the population will only get worse.

Bill C-71 will give the Firearms Lab power to prohibit firearms.

If a world existed where revenue services were allowed to write the tax code, then do you think that they would write a set of laws that would benefit their fellow citizen? If a world existed where police departments were able to write criminal law, then do you think that they would write laws that would decrease their budgets?

Does Bill C-71 create a new long-gun registry?

If Bill C-71 comes to pass does it create a gun registry? Isn't this a campaign promise that the Liberal Party of Canada said that they wouldn't do if elected? Wasn't the first firearm registry a waste of taxpayers money with no benefit to public safety?

Why does Bill C-52 proposed by Ralph Goodale grant Quebec the entire Canadian Long Gun Registry?

This past week has seen a fairly hot topic for firearm owners with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale bringing forward a Bill that was touted as having the ability to resurrect the long gun registry.

UN marking regulations have been deferred until December 2018.

It was confirmed today that the UN firearms marking regulations have been deferred until December 2018.

Petition E-1093 would require Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee members to possess a firearms license.

A new petition was launched yesterday that requests that the members assigned to the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee to have a valid Possession and Aquisition License.

Does the CZ 858 conclusion foreshadow gun bans with the UN Arms Trade Treaty?

Recently Wolverine Supplies took to their Instagram feed to show the conclusion of the CZ 858 Spartan rifles. The rifles unceremoniously had their receivers chopped, forever deactivating them and concluding the ordeal.

Update on the petition protesting bill-c47.

Earlier in April 2017 you probably heard that we had launched a hard copy petition to protest Bill C-47, the bill that can create a backdoor gun registry. There are a few updates that we need to share with you, the biggest being that it's fully sponsored by a sitting Member of Parliament.

Firearms manufacturers trade their opposition for exemption.

Bill SB-1657 passed in Illinois today by a one vote margin. This bill mandates state licensing for Illinois gun dealers, and it restricts all others to nine firearm transfers per year.