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It's a common misconception, and in fact one that's loudly trumpeted by those opposed to self defense and concealed carry of a firearm, that the US is a more violent country than Canada. Yes, the US leads against Canada in gun related violence. However what someone that is touting Canada's 'superiority' in this matter doesn't take into account is that violent crime no matter how it's committed and no matter what item is used in the offense leaves the victim scarred for a lifetime, assuming the violent attack leaves them alive at all.

Based off of the most up to date statistics that we could find at the time of this publication we compared the 2014 Canadian violent crime rates to the United States violent crime rates. In 2014, the violent crime rate in Canada was 1,039 violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants, where in that same year the violent crime rate in the US was 365.5 violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants.

That statistic alone gives Canada nearly 3 times more the total of violent crime per capita than the US. This includes all demographics and all cities, including Chicago which has a violent crime index of 24,089 per 100,000 inhabitants. If the perpetuated myth that the United States is more violent than Canada it should come from hotbeds of crime such as Chicago. The unfortunate truth is that it comes from the mainstream media driven agenda of reporting gun crime and mass shootings above all else, while seemingly ignoring actual problem areas in regard to crime. Canada vs the US violent crime in 2014.

In fact in regards to public shootings Canada ranks alongside the US in both annual death rate and frequency. In annual death rate per one million from 2009 - 2015 the US ranked #11 in western countries with 0.089 people per million and Canada ranked #14 with 0.032 people per million. In frequency of mass public shootings from 2009 - 2015 the US ranked #12 with 0.078 per million people and Canada ranked #13 with 0.056 per million people. So even the myth of the US being gun crazy while Canada isn't is yet another falsehood that's perpetuated by those with an anti gun and anti self defense agenda.

States that allow concealed carry firearms and have the laws to back the citizens defensive use of them typically on whole have lower violent crime rates than those that have strict firearm controls. These states typically have murder rates dropping from 5.6 to 4.2 percent per 100,000 with increases of concealed carry permit holders for women by 270% and for men by 156% since 2007.

Yes, it is a myth that Canada is less violent than the US. It is also a myth that the US is awash in 'gun crime' and that allowing law abiding citizens access to concealed carry firearms and the laws required to support them will cause 'blood in the streets'. With the current firearm laws in place, and the statistical lack of violent crime of any type from Canadians licensed to own firearms, it only stands to reason that if Canadians were allowed to carry concealed firearms there would be no statistical increase in violence. If anything the statistic would simply change from the victim becoming the statistic to the attacker becoming the statistic.

What's most likely if Canadians were lawfully allowed to conceal carry firearm is that violent crime would decrease as it has in other parts of the world that have recently passed similar laws. Career criminals aren't in the business of getting hurt, and an increase in concealed carry firearms of their potential victim pool forces them to seek out other avenues to full fill their criminal needs.


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