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The battle for your firearms rights continues under a Trump Presidency.

With firearms rights seemingly secure under the Trump administration people that were once politically active for their firearms rights have relaxed a little. Is now the time to take a break from securing your firearms rights?

Sure firearms rights aren't being attacked at the Federal level, but there are still many battles that are being fought, and lost, at the State level. In Washington state for example, there was a safe storage bill that recently passed, and although it was kicked down the road for a later date the "assault weapons" licensing and / or ban is up for being tabled again next year.

Californian's rights are always under attack, and it would be wrong to write off the entire state as lost when the calls for further restrictions come mainly from the metropolitan areas. Current legislation tabled can make it more burdensome for manufacturers selling in the State by forcing further information on packaging about the risks of firearms. Bill SB 464 would add stricter storage and security requirements of all firearms of a licensed dealer, which could force financial hardship to smaller stores. Then with bill SB 497 the expansion of the existing one handgun a month law would include all guns including those acquired through private party transfers.

House Bill 50 in New Mexico would expand background checks to nearly all private firearm transactions. HB50 would require a licensed firearms dealer to carry out all firearm transfers and issue a background check. The exceptions to the bill would be transfers between family members, at a shooting range, or while hunting. Otherwise private transfers will now become more time consuming and costly to the average firearm owner.

The US system of government installed by the Founding Fathers required an educated and active citizenship to participate in the political process. Just because your rights are currently secure at the Federal level doesn't mean that the fight isn't soon to be at your door at the State level. When it comes to your firearms rights you need to be ever vigilant of every level of government and to apply political pressure to them should they encroach those rights. Just because there isn't a current President getting sound bites about attacking your rights, doesn't mean that your State isn't looking to pass further restrictions.