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Why does Bill C-52 proposed by Ralph Goodale grant Quebec the entire Canadian Long Gun Registry?

This past week has seen a fairly hot topic for firearm owners with Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale bringing forward a Bill that was touted as having the ability to resurrect the long gun registry.

We didn't comment on this as news was breaking because we wanted to wait until the facts of the proposed bill came out. As we waited the clown show and political double speak that came about was nothing short of amusing in how little the Government thinks of the intelligence of the average voter. First the bill was spoken about in super secret backdoor Parliamentary talks and not released for public viewing, and any source on typical public Parliamentary channels "wasn't working" for half of a week. This is how this government works, by proposing bills and not releasing them for public consumption and discourse.

Bill C-52, originally titled “an Act to amend the Act to End the Long Gun Registry” had its title changed to “An Act to amend Chapter 6 of the Statutes of Canada, 2012″. While the name change appears to have given the Government the ability to say that they're keeping their promise of not resurrecting the long gun registry, the now published text of Bill C-52 shows that no matter how much you tinker with a title the text of a bill will always show the intent. That's right, the Government thinks so little of our intelligence that they actually think a happier title will be more palatable to this bad law and the fact that records of the long gun registry were kept illegally since 2012.

In short, Bill C-52 is drafted to satisfy lawsuits in Quebec where the Province demanded the Federal Government release provincial records of long gun owners. Where's the harm in that you ask? Well the wording of the bill allows for the entire firearm registry at the time of it being 'scrapped' to be handed over to Quebec, and this information includes every registered firearm, from every owner, of every Province in Canada. As quoted from the bill, which is still unavailable on the Parliamentary website;Copy to Government of Quebec
8 (1) The Commissioner of Firearms shall - for the purpose of the administration and enforcement of the Firearms Registration Act, chapter 15 of the Statutes of Quebec, 2016 - provide the Quebec Minister with a copy of all records that were in the Canadian Firearms Registry on April 3, 2015 and that relate to firearms registered as at that day, as non-restricted firearms,
If Quebec is suing for their own Provincial records, then why does the bill allow for the entire Canadian Firearms Registry, which was kept illegally despite the orders of the Government, to be handed over to the province? A firearm registered in Nova Scotia or British Columbia has no relevance to the ongoing lawsuit in Quebec, yet the government seeks to hand the province the private information of firearm owners from outside of the province. We're not going to speculate the Government's intent, but suffice to say that handing the entire firearms registry over to the Province of Quebec is another way of keeping that information alive, for whatever reason that may be. Now this information is obsolete, and continues to get further outdated by the day. However as gun rights organizations were saying back in 2012 - 2013 when it was clear the firearm registry information was being stored, it is important that firearms owners legally act to further the irrelevance of any information stored in the long gun registry. If your firearm was in the long gun registry under your name then consider legally trading, selling, or gifting non-restricted firearms to other law abiding firearms owners.

Don't just type the typical "sold to Mike in Canmore" tongue in cheek response that is the running joke, but actually act in a legal manner to further degrade any information that is still stored about the long gun registry. These are the times we live in, where firearms owners that act within the boundaries of the law, are almost committing civil disobedience.


Can't see the document in the frame above this line for some reason? Click here for the full text of Bill C-52.