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Bill C-71 will give the Firearms Lab power to prohibit firearms.

If a world existed where revenue services were allowed to write the tax code, then do you think that they would write a set of laws that would benefit their fellow citizen? If a world existed where police departments were able to write criminal law, then do you think that they would write laws that would decrease their budgets?

If Bill C-71 comes to pass that kind of world will exist, where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be able to dictate what firearms are legal for civilian ownership. C-71 will give the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program this power without oversight from lawmakers and the Government of Canada. There will be no failsafe if they make a decision outside of the scope of the law regulating firearms which is the Firearms Act.

The RCMP Canadian Firearms Program has allegedly stated in a presentation that was leaked in May 12, 2010, that they are making the case for further restrictions or prohibitions of entire groups of firearms (linked below at the bottom of this article). In this document they address firearms that have since been prohibited like the Sig 522 & the Armi Jager AP80 among a list of others.

There is also redacted references to rifles such as the AR15 as well as "Semi-automatic copies of assault rifles and submachine guns". The reference to semi-automatic copies states "1995 Criminal Code Regulations permits these firearms to be non-restricted instead of prohibited" which if you note the tone of the wording it appears that the opinion of the memo is to imply they should be prohibited. To name a few of the semi-automatic copies would include but aren't limited to the SKS, Bushmaster ACR, Norinco M14 and M305, H&K MP7, H&K SL8, Tavor TAR21, Tavor X95, Springfield M1A, B&T APC 223, among a list of others. If you're at this point wondering "is my rifle on this list", then the answer is if it's semi automatic, then yes it's likely been looked at in this category.

It's also worth mentioning that the "family of VZ58 rifles" are included in this memo with the argument that "a case could be made they sould be classified as prohibited". This would include every variant of the CZ858 and the VZ58, including some of the newly produced rifles that are purpose built to comply with current law. Again if you're wondering "is my rifle included in this", if it's designed around or a variant of the CZ858 or VZ58 then the answer is yes it is.

The law as written doesn't allow for these determinations, this is strictly RCMP Firearms Lab opinion. However if C-71 comes into force this opinion would be enforced as law. The law as it currently stands was written by our Government, not the RCMP Firearms Lab. It is the job of Government to propose legislation and bring it into force as law, not the job of the RCMP who are there only to enforce law.

Read the document and you will see that no semi automatic firearm is safe with the RCMP enforcing firearm classification if Bill C-71 comes into law. If you think you're safe from this because you don't own semi-automatic firearms, then you're wrong. Once they have moved on from semi-automatic firearms, then bolt actions will become "sniper rifles" and "weapons of war used by snipers", shotguns will become "high capacity" and "capable of high rates of fire", and lever actions will become "capable of high rates of fire". Don't fool yourself into a normalcy bias, once the RCMP Firearm Lab are able to classify firearms all civilian owned firearms are at risk.

Once C-71 passes into law, do you think that the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program will use their new powers to simply enforce the laws and current classifications as is? Or do you think that they will use their new powers to further expand their budget by prohibiting every civilian owned firearm that they can make a case against?

Can't see the PDF in the frame above? Download the entire secret document to ban firearms - A-2012-00068, by clicking here.