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The CZ-858 and Swiss Arms rifles are the first prohibited rifles under C-71.

If Bill C-71 passes into law the CZ-858 and the Swiss Arms family of rifles will become prohibited. If this sounds like old news, it kind of is, but it's the second kick at the can of bringing these rifles into the prohibited classification.

Oh but don't worry, once C-71 becomes law owners of these rifles will be able to register them and hold a new super special 12.X designation on their license. This of course makes these new owners superior to all other firearm owners in their trustworthiness and their ability to not go on a rampage with the property that they've already owned for years..... and not committed a crime with in this time. Now if this isn't already dripping enough with sarcasm for the reader to tell, well let's just state that this paragraph is pure sarcasm, and this is a garbage piece of legislation and a prohibition that does nothing to effect real crime.

You see, this move has already been played before in the 1990's with the last round of prohibitions. Those owners were promised the ability to gain an Allowance To Transport (ATT which became SAR) so that they could lawfully enjoy their property at the range. All those owners had to do was register their newly prohibited firearms, gain and maintain a 12.X firearm license, and they would be allow to own and enjoy their property. Does this sound familiar to the current situation? It should, because it's the exact same play as before.

For a brief history lesson as to what happened to 12.X rifles, they are no longer issued a ATT (technically SAR's but for ease of reading we'll just go with ATT) and are now relegated to being stored by the owners in their safes. The only reason that ATT's are issued on these rifles today is if the owner is moving their residence. This has devalued the rifles to a mere fraction of what they're worth in any other country where they can still be used and sold to a growing user base. Furthermore when owners of certain classes of 12.X rifles have sold their devalued property to other 12.X license holders of the correct category it has allegedly brought on inspections of the rifles that require them to be sent to the Canadian Firearms Centre. These inspections allegedly took years to do, and sometimes changed the classification of the rifle to that of what the new owner didn't have a license to own.

If you are a CZ-858 or a Swiss Arms owner don't fool yourself into believing the same lie, your rifle(s) will one day soon become "too dangerous" to issue a ATT for range use. This will happen after there is deemed enough compliance into the new prohibited registry. With some of both of these families of rifles being considered in the past as being "converted auto" don't be surprised if an inspection is requested at time of sale to another 12.X licensed owner, which would then change the classification of the rifle to a new class that neither the current owner nor prospective buyer is licensed to own. This of course would cause forfeiture of the rifle without compensation.

This is designed to be deliberate confiscation that will occur over time. With no new license holders being allowed to come on board after June 2019 there will be no further pool of owners, eventually meaning that as the owners die all of the property will be forfeited without confiscation. This allows the government to avoid the political hot button of being on the hook for more than $17 Million dollars of compensation to owners (total combined value of CZ-858 and Swiss Arms in the country).

This isn't "grandfathering", this is confiscation and theft of property over time. This is done slowly and quietly without scrutiny of the public or media. You will not be able to leave these rifles to inheritors or as part of an estate. With these rifles already being in the hands of safe, licensed, vetted individuals, then how is this theft in the betterment of "public safety"?