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Sign the Petition against Bill C-71.

As you may be aware there is new firearm legislation tabled that has been fast tracked by the Liberal Party of Canada. The debate on this bill has been limited by the fast tracking, and Bill C-71 is being strongly opposed by every Canadian law abiding firearm owner that has read it.

If you're not aware of what C-71 is then we encourage you to go read it's contents. If you don't have the time to read it, or don't understand what the bill covers within it we've done a few articles on it that you can read. To read one of the various articles we've written on the bill click one of the links below.

What is an assault weapon?
The CZ-858 and Swiss Arms prohibition.... again.
Bill C-71, further stigmatizing mental illness.
Bill C-71, allowing the fox to guard the hen house.
Does C-71 create a gun registry?

We'll make no attempt to hide what we think Bill C-71 is; poorly thought out and garbage legislation. If it truly was an attempt to stop real crime, to target illegal smuggling of guns, and to target gang activity, then it fails on all fronts. What it achieves is to punish law abiding firearm owners, create new paper offences against people that haven't committed a crime in the first place, and add far more red tape to every facet of the firearm industry.

With that said there is a official Parliamentary Petition against Bill C-71 that is gaining momentum and has already passed 37000 signatures at the time of this articles publication. It should be said that we feel it's important at Hoplite Tactical to NOT share false petitions and data mining schemes posing as petitions, as those petitions either will be thrown out of Parliament for not following the official channels or simply seek to gain your data. This is the real deal, a supported Parliamentary Petition that is sponsored by Conservative Party MP Rachael Harder, of Lethbridge Alberta.

It's important to make your voice heard now by any legal political means available to you. We feel this is an important petition against Bill C-71, and we urge you to add your name to the quickly growing list. Sign the petition and voice your political opposition to Bill C-71. If you have other legal political ideas on how to oppose Bill C-71 please feel free to share them with us in the Disqus comment section at the bottom of this article or let us know at our various forms of social media.

To view and sign the petition in English click this link; https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1608
Pour voir et signer la pétition en Français cliquez sur ce lien; https://petitions.noscommunes.ca/fr/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1608