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Bill C-71 has passed the Senate and is onto Royal Assent.

Bill C-71 passed it's third reading in the Canadian Senate yesterday without amendments, which now sends it for Royal assent today to be made into law. The vote passed with 55 in favor, 33 against, and 2 abstentions.

We get it, you're a busy person and live more of a life than just firearms. The most common questions we're seeing for people just hearing about C-71 is "how does this effect me?" or "doesn't this just make it so restricted firearms require a paper ATT (allowance to transport)?". Allow us to give you a little background on the bill, but we'll be linking you to multiple articles since there's so much there that this article will be very long and unruly.

Bill C-71 will allow the RCMP Firearms Lab to classify all types of firearms in Canada.
Bill C-71, allowing the fox to guard the hen house.

Bill C-71 will put in place further punitive measures for firearm owners with mental illness.
Bill C-71, further stigmatizing mental illness.

Bill C-71 turns over 10000 firearm owners into potential felons overnight as it prohibits CZ-858 and Swiss Arms rifles.
The CZ-858 and Swiss Arms prohibition..... again.

As of late there is also talk of a handgun ban and a ban on the AR-15 rifle and it's variants. This has caused panic buying by firearm owners of AR-15 rifles, and to a lesser extent handguns, as they rush to get a restricted firearm registered in their name. The hope of these buyers is that by having one of these firearms registered to them prior to any ban then they will be grandfathered into the classification should they become prohibited.
Here's a list of Canadian retailers that have rapidly dwindling stock of AR-15's in Canada.

By having the power to classify any firearm at their own discretion, the RCMP Firearms lab can make any firearm they desire prohibited. By putting in new laws regarding mental illness, with mental illness being an evolving science, what you admit to your doctor today can punish you anytime in your future should it be classified under mental health. By prohibiting the CZ-858 and Swiss Arms rifles C-71 has turned over 10000 law abiding licensed firearm owners into potential felons should they not allow eventual confiscation of their property known as prohibition and grandfathering.

Make no mistake, just because you may not own pistols or AR-15's, and all you own are non-restricted firearms, don't think that you are in the clear. Bill C-71 has the very real potential of punishing every law abiding licensed firearm owner in Canada.