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This FAL used to be able to be lawfully used.

With Bill C-71 having passed the Senate and moving to Royal Assent to become law, combined with the talk of bans of AR-15 rifles and pistols, Canadian gun owners are currently in a buying frenzy. But will you be able to use that new firearm into the future?

Should C-71 receive Royal Assent it's guaranteed that Swiss Arms and CZ-858 rifles will become prohibited. This comes along side of a rumoured prohibition of AR-15 rifles and pistols in the very near future. Due to these prohibitions firearm owners are buying these firearms in anticipation of having them grandfathered into their collection by having a prohibited class added to their license. Should they become grandfathered the owners will be able to own, and might be able to buy other, rifles and pistols in that classification. The Government has also promised that the owners of the prohibited firearms will be able to take them to the range and use them.

Before we get too far further into this, we support you buying these rifles that are currently under threat. We wish that there were hundreds of thousands more Canadians that currently legally owned these rifles. There's strength in numbers and you'll find these rifles are up for grabs because they're low hanging fruit not having many owners that will get angry, and in some cases they're the poster child for the anti gun debate (AR-15). If you don't have an AR-15 yet, but have a restricted license, buy one. There will be a link at the bottom of the article of a list of retailers that can get you your first AR-15. That said we can move on.

If you believe that you will be able to use them for the rest of your life, you should take a lesson from your not too distant history. When Bill C-68 passed it created several classes of prohibited firearms, those too had the promise of being able to be used at the range. The owners just had to obtain an Allowance to Transport (ATT, which became SAR) for their prohibited firearm, maintain a prohibited firearms license by never letting it expire, keep one firearm of the specific prohibited class, and they were promised to be able to use their property at an approved firing range.

It wasn't too long however before the ATT's (technically SAR but we'll keep saying ATT for ease of reading) were no longer issued for the rifles prohibited along side C-68. These days no ATT is issued for these rifles except for the owner to move, for the owner to sell them to another licensed owner, and if you're reaaaaaaally lucky you may get to exhibit your prohibited rifles at a gunshow. Otherwise owners can't sell their prohibited firearms to anyone other than prohibited license holders with the same classification. Owners can't take their property to the range without that magic ATT that legally allows them to take it to a range. The rifles are, for all purposes, safe queens.

This has lead to a major devaluation of the prohibited rifles and pistols. Property on any other free market that is increasing in value because they're sought after by collectors, is decreasing in value on the Canadian market because the pool of collectors are dying. In no other area of property would any Canadian citizen be fine with this confiscation of property and wealth through death. But somehow this is just fine, because guns.

If you think you're going to be able to use your property prohibited under Bill C-71, ask the owners of FAL rifles. If you think your property will hold value, ask the owners of Chinese made AK's that in the US market are triple the value that they are in Canada. Ask the owners of STG 44 Sturmguwehr rifles that fetch prices of $44000 USD at market how it feels to get only $4000 CAD for their property, if they can sell it at all and don't have to forfeit it. If you believe that you will be able to gain an ATT into the future, look to your past, look to the owners of AUG's, of Sten, of FAL, of STG 44.

It's up to you to hold your Government accountable. Those of you that think some future Government will fix this mess created by bill C-71 without you motivating them to do so, look to your not too distant past with C-68 and ask your self if that has been fixed by any succeeding Government. Have the owners of hundreds of millions of dollars of property been able to recover their losses, or have they been forgotten?

If you don't hold your future Government accountable, and if it becomes politically convenient to forget about you, they will. Not only do you NEED to hold your future Government accountable for C-71, but you NEED to hold them account for C-68. You NEED to do this when a friendly Government comes to power no matter how many more times the Trudeau Government may form power, because the longer the Trudeau government holds power the easier it is for that friendly Government to say "they've been prohibited for so long there's no need to change it now".

Does any of this sound familiar? Look to your not too distant history, and you see a mirror reflection of what's playing out right now.

Remember Bill C-68 and the rifles that became prohibited with it, and hold your Government accountable to fix the delayed confiscation of your property.

Here's a list of where you can go buy an AR-15. You should buy one, there's strength in numbers, even in prohibition. We only wish you bought one before this.....