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Downgraded from expert to opinion piece in a day.

Ottawa Matters published an article originally titled "Banning handguns in Canada could reduce local crime, says gun control expert" on June 12, 2019. The frenzy of replies from gun owners online caused the publication to nearly immediately start to back peddle.

Ottawa Matters published an article that prominently featured Wendy Cukier, from the Coalition for Gun Control (CGC). Cukier originally went on 1310 News to spread her usual misinformed opinion about domestically sourced firearms being a "big impact on the diversion of legal weapons to illegal sources," (source 1). This is what Ottawa Matters chose to run with, an attack on legal firearm owners aired over a radio station, by a woman who champions attacks on legal firearm ownership rather than focusing attention on root causes of crime and solutions.

Ottawa Matters article as originally titled.
Ottawa Matters article as originally titled.

It's important to note that the CGC is on record for having billed the Government of Canada $380,600.00 under the description of "Maintaining Canada Firearms Control Legislation", which was represented by CGC President, Wendy Cukier (sources 2 & 3). We would hope that future publications that cite Cukier or the CGC as any kind of authoritative source would keep in mind their past history of Government funding.

With a representative of an organization that's financially tied to the disarmament of civilian firearm owners on the air to spread information about domestically sourced firearms being used for crime and running with your story on that, what could go wrong? Well the fact that this claim has been proven wrong for starters could be a good way to tell that this could go sideways in a hurry (sources 4 & 5).

The timeline after publication was rapid in terms of Ottawa Matters issuing a retraction in the article within hours, then changing the article title entirely. The new article title would read " Banning legal handguns in Canada could reduce local crime, says gun control advocate".

Ottawa Matters rapid retraction in the article itself.
Ottawa Matters rapid retraction in the article itself.

That would seem to be the fastest same day demotion from "expert" to "advocate" that Cukier has had. Again any publication that features any member of the CGC needs to keep in mind that gun control is their income either by Government funding or by public donation. This is a job for them, a paying job, which creates a conflict of interest when it comes to presentation of information in the gun control debate.

Ottawa Matters demoted the article from a statement of fact to that of an opinion piece due to the immediate and incredible flood of backlash that they received online from the firearms community. This backlash was polite, fact based, and overwhelming, as it should be.

Expert? No we meant to say opinion piece by advocate.
Expert? No we meant to say opinion piece by advocate.

Those in the media that would spread disinformation about lawful firearm owners in Canada need to remember this moving forward. Firearm owners are organized, well sourced in their information, and will not allow your constant beratement of their way of life to continue unchallenged.

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