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Waited too long to buy your AR? No AR for you!

With the rumours coming from Parliament Hill of a upcoming prohibition of the AR-15 rifle Canadians are doing something that has been rare; buying everything.

Members of Canadian JTF2 now hold the world record for longest confirmed sniper kill shot.

A Canadian sniper has recently shattered the world record for longest confirmed kill shot at an incredible distance of 3540 meters.

NEA 102 is approved as non-restricted.

The North Eastern Arms (NEA) 102 has officially been approved by the Canadian Firearms Lab with a non-restricted status.

RCMP opinion prohibits 80% receivers.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Canadian Firearms Lab issued a memo yesterday declaring unfinished blocks of metal to be considered a firearm.

The rifle is so light it's easily handled by smaller framed shooters.

In the theme of making your AR-15 lighter Fostech Outdoors may have taken the market lead with their 3.5 pound AR-15.

Dr. Richard Cho died in a tragic accident yesterday during a shooting competition.

A tragic accident in Kamloops yesterday has taken the life of a well known competitive shooter, Dr. Richard Cho, during a shooting competition.

Restricted firearms such as the AR-15 pictured are on the rise in Canada.

Despite federal promises of tighter gun control Canadians are buying restricted firearms and getting new licenses at a consistent rate.

Membership data breached and used for fundraising campaign?

The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) has released a statement today on their Facebook page acknowledging that an 'outside organization' has allegedly contacted persons that are on the CPC membership list.

Marines are testing out a unit with all weapons that are suppressed.

Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines, of the U.S. Marine Corps are the first infantry unit to deploy with suppressors on every individual weapon.

H&K opening a US in Georgia may mean civilian sales of rare firearms like the MP7.

Looks like Heckler & Koch (H&K) thinks that Georgia sucks a bit less and no longer hates them. The German arms manufacturer is building a 23 million dollar factory in Columbus, Georgia.

The #WorldWithoutGuns campaign that is simply anti gun.

In their most recent campaign British Columbia Crime Stoppers is encouraging the public to call their hotline to report what they believe to be illegal guns.

Swiss Forces deploy around their Mowag Eagle reconnaissance vehicle.

In a series of exercises held this month Switzerland demonstrates the abilities of their armed forces.

This is the rifle that won the U.S. Army SASS competition.

Heckler & Koch (H&K) has confirmed the rifle that won the Army's Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) contract.

RCMP Firearms Program is circulating a memo with new standards of how to tell a full auto lower receiver.

There's a new RCMP memo circulating within the Firearms Centre advising staff of a new standard of how to tell the difference and classify semi automatic from full automatic lower receivers.

BATFE reverses decision about pistol braces constituting a redesign.

With the controversy in the past of the pistol brace constituting a redesign into a SBR, the BATFE issues a new decision letter in 2017 that changes that opinion, again.

North Korea displaying their new small arm in the theme of a Objective Individual Combat Weapon.

During a large military to celebrate the Day of the Sun North Korea displayed their newest military hardware, including a new assault rifle / grenade launcher in the style of the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW).

Venezuela confiscates civilian guns to arm militia.

With protests and riots occurring across the country Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro declared he would arm thousands of his supporters.

11 year old boy from Garden Hill First Nation community in Manitoba was shot and killed.

An 11 year old boy from Garden Hill First Nation community in Manitoba was shot and killed when several children were playing with a gun they found.

A variety of firearms are impounded in this photo including Mauser bolt action rifles, lever-action Winchesters, and a Browning Auto 5 semi auto shotgun.

Massachusetts police impounded 98 firearms and a variety of ammunition after reports of improper storage.

Photo of the Colt C8 rifle stolen from an officers car.

Safe storage in Canada is the catch all tool used by prosecutors and recommended as charges by Police forces against civilians in nearly every headline you see.