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It's that time of year again, where Canadian media fixates on the tragic events of École Polytechnique always accompanied by some kind of 'expert' that's using the tragedy to call for stricter nationwide gun controls. This dark day in Canadian history is used every year as a rally cry for stricter gun control from a small, but vocal, segment of the population. The fact that they would use such a tragedy to advance a political agenda is beyond sickening.

The feeling of loss of the families and friends of those murdered by the deranged lunatic and the need to mourn the people is completely understandable. The feeling that they should be doing something so that this simply can't happen again is a natural human emotion to such an event. This understanding does however stop when the media uses the event to boost ratings, and push a political agenda that was a proven waste of taxpayer dollars with no gain in public safety.

Flowers for the victims of mass killings.It is morally reprehensible that the deranged murderer gets their name printed in publications to this day, 27 years after the event took place. The murderer has been immortalized by the media, instead of their victims. The media has no shame nor morals when it comes to increasing readership, and their moral compass couldn't find the parking lot outside of their offices.

Then there is the same circus of 'experts' on the subject that cry crocodile tears every year and lament that the Government isn't cracking down harder on civilian gun control. Some of these people have based their careers on the message of gun control, but want to appear as if they actually care about the events that took place that day. It's quite difficult to believe someone is genuine in their message when they have financial gain incentivizing them to preach gun control.

This isn't a problem unique to Canada, in fact gun control activists world wide use tragedies to further their agenda. By dancing on the graves of the victims they immortalize the murderer in order to sway public opinion. It's a sick and twisted method of furthering a political agenda, and one that becomes self full filling. By immortalizing the mass killers, by printing their names in publications, and by inserting their names in the public psyche it only serves to encourage other would be mass killers that have no other claim to glory. It's a self full filling cycle, and one that's good for the business of media.

This has to stop, it simply must end. The mass murderer should be buried in an unmarked grave, and never spoken of again. Their names should be erased from history and never reported. They have earned nothing and should not be remembered. The twisted glorification by the media is sickening and needs to stop.

If anything or anyone should be remembered, it's the victims of these heinous acts. It should be a time for the friends and families to mourn in peace. You see, shocking as it might be, not every family touched by these tragedies support the political agenda that comes out of mass killings. Most of them simply want to be left alone to remember their lost loved one. Most of them don't want their lost loved ones being used to further a political agenda. Bringing up the name of the murderer while forgetting the names of the beloved victims is painful, traumatizing, and simply disrespectful. Using the tragic loss of life to advance a political agenda only serves to open the wounds of the families and friends that are still alive.

We urge the media to stop. Stop publicizing the names of mass killers. Stop immortalizing their actions. Stop comparing their body counts. Some things in this world are worth more than ratings and selling ad space. We will never print the name of a mass killer, and we hope that other publications follow suit.

May the victims rest in peace, and the surviving family and friends find closure for their loss and peace in this life.