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A variety of firearms are impounded in this photo including Mauser bolt action rifles, lever-action Winchesters, and a Browning Auto 5 semi auto shotgun.

Massachusetts police impounded 98 firearms and a variety of ammunition after reports of improper storage.

Cohasset Police Department announced on April 14 that they seized the collection following a search warrant. The photo posted by the agency shows vintage and collectable rifles and shotguns such as Mauser bolt action rifles, lever-action Winchesters, a Browning Auto 5 semi auto shotgun, and a variety of other assorted firearms piled in the bed of a pickup truck.

The 65 year old man was licensed to own the firearms but the Police Department have claimed that he allegedly violated safe storage laws by not securing the firearms. Massachusetts is the only state that requires all firearms be stored with a locking device, unless it is secured in a locked container or equipped with a lock.

Cohasset Police Chief Bill Quigley as confirmed "Charges are imminent. It's just a matter of how many offenses he is charged with". Some of the impounded ammunition may have allegedly come from the Hingham Naval Ammunition Depot Annex that closed in 1962.

As we have said in our safe storage article that focused on Canada that you can read by clicking here, there are already laws on the books that cover the careless use of a firearm, there is no need for punitive storage charges to be laid against the elderly man. So long as nobody got hurt by the actions of the man, then no crime should have been committed. As "reasonable" as safe storage laws are always made to sound, anywhere they're passed their conclusion is to punitively punish the law abiding firearm owner. If there are ever safe storage laws passed in your State or local municipality be sure to politically oppose them as much as possible.