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Venezuela confiscates civilian guns to arm militia.

With protests and riots occurring across the country Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro declared he would arm thousands of his supporters.

Maduro's response to the protesting and rioting in the country is that there would be "a gun for every militiaman". The question here, with Venezuela not having the armament to put a gun in the hands of every militiaman is where are the promised guns going to come from? Of course the answer is simple, from the civilian firearms that they have spent years confiscating.

Maduro's administration has spent years campaigning against civilian firearm ownership and has been stripping Venezuelan citizens of their guns. With shortages of food, medicine, and everyday necessities you would think that the logical step would be to rebuild the economy in order to quell the population with the opportunity to obtain the necessities of life. No, that's not the path that Maduro has chosen, it would appear that he and his supporters feel it's far more important to crack down on his starving population and to grant once civilian owned firearms to his supporters in order to do so.

This might seem like a world away and a problem in a far off foreign land, and you would be right in thinking so. It has no direct effect on your day to day life in North America, but lessons can be learned from this moment in history that's playing out right in front of you.

In the US, this demonstrates the importance of the Second Amendment. Make no mistake the Founding Fathers didn't put the Second Amendment in place for hunting or recreational shooting, they did so because they had just fought against a corrupt Government. The Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in place to balance the power structure of the United States between the People and their Government. The Second Amendment is the beacon of light that has protected the People and the Republic, a beacon that the rest of the Western World has prospered from as a secondary effect.

In Canada, there are similar aspects of law in place to that of the Venezuelan example, that allow the Government to confiscate firearms from their lawful owners and to give them to Police and Military forces, or any other forces the Government deems fit. Canada has no Second Amendment, and any aspects from the Magna Carta or any English law that the country is based upon that allow for firearms as a human right the Canadian Government and Courts refuse to recognize.

It's not the Government of today that will become genocidal in North America, if that were to happen it's the Government of the future. No matter what your political alignment is as a citizen you should be extremely careful of what powers you allow the Government to grant itself today, because those are the powers that Government of tomorrow can use should it become oppressive or genocidal. Never allow yourself to fall into a normality complex, just look at Venezuela. Do you think the Venezuelans expected their Government to turn on them when they were granting themselves power and stripping it away from the citizens?

Be vigilant against any Government that seeks to grant itself more power over the People. Stand against bad laws that seek to strip you of your human right to self defense and ownership of firearms. Beware gun registries as the end goal of them has always been confiscation.

In Canada there is a political debate to that end occurring right now with the UN Arms Trade Treaty Bill C-47 that has the power to create a backdoor gun, ammunition, and accessory registry. Read more about it by clicking here, and please support our petition against Bill C-47 by clicking here. It's not the Government of today that you are politically opposing by standing against this bill, it's building a better world for your children and the citizens of the future that you're protecting by standing against this bill. Just look at and learn your lesson from Venezuela, and you will see a example playing out right now that shows you the end result of registration is confiscation.

Support the petition against Bill C-47.
Click the image to support the petition against Bill C-47.