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North Korea displaying their new small arm in the theme of a Objective Individual Combat Weapon.

During a large military to celebrate the Day of the Sun North Korea displayed their newest military hardware, including a new assault rifle / grenade launcher in the style of the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW).

The military parade to celebrate the Day of the Sun included the newest North Korean ballistic missiles, tanks, and artillery pieces. One of the pieces to stand out from the crowd however was their new small arm that is designed in the style of the cancelled US OICW.

The new rifle appears to be a combination weapon that is based on the North Korean Type 88 assault rifle. The type 88 is modified from the Russian AK-74. Mated to the rifle is a bolt action grenade launcher, and a large cumbersome sight.

North Korea is now the third Asian nation to field a OICW small arm, including South Korea with their K-11, and China with their ZH-05/QTS-11.

North Korea Type 88 based OICW.
Here's a closer look of the North Korean OICW type rifle. It appears to be based on the Type 88 assault rifle and includes a bolt action grenade launcher, and large cumbersome sight.