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The #WorldWithoutGuns campaign that is simply anti gun.

In their most recent campaign British Columbia Crime Stoppers is encouraging the public to call their hotline to report what they believe to be illegal guns.

The campaign is meant to be anti crime and anti gang, with three marketing slogans of #WorldWithoutCrime, #WorldWithoutGangs, and #WorldWithoutGuns. If the campaign was simply #WorldWithoutCrime that would be one thing, but the encouragement to call the hotline for any gun with #WorldWithoutGuns can easily harass legal firearm owners.

The #WorldWithoutGuns arm of the campaign features a hooded person approaching an elderly couple in a dark scene, but instead of reaching for a weapon that person is reaching for a map. How idyllic, how perfect, what a utopian world this fantasy has become. What the message ignores is that even if there were no guns if that person wanted to commit a crime against that couple they would still do so with a knife, a club, or any other available "primitive" weapon. Since the dawn of picking up sticks, humanity has used them to hit each other, and that fact isn't going to stop because you remove defensive tools away from law abiding people. In fact we live in a age and society that enjoys the very best quality of life in all of human history in part because of guns, and criminals fear of being shot by their victims.

The irony to come out of Crime Stoppers, an organization that sends people #WithGuns to investigate and combat crime, appears to have gone unnoticed by their marketing team. This is however typical of an anti gun organizations stance, guns are good for them, but not for you. They can afford private security or work for organizations that allow them easy access to guns to protect their lives, but you can't. However here's a trendy hashtag and a phone number for you to call if you need protecting by someone #WithGuns.

Short of a mass catastrophic event that forces humans worldwide to worry more about farming then technology there will never be a #WorldWithoutGuns. The Gene is out of the bottle, and firearms technology can never be erased from modern human technology. To create a #WorldWithoutGuns would have to eliminate so many technologies and household items that it would be absolutely impossible. Guns were made in basements to arm our Forces in World War 2, and modern technology and automation have made the ability even easier than that.

This campaign that targets law abiding firearm owners alongside the criminals that it's supposedly designed for is anti gun. It ignores the lifelong bonds, friendships, and healthy competitions that sport shooting promotes. It ignores the lessons of responsibility, self reliance, and safe firearm handling that lawful hunting teaches. It ignores the respect of life and responsibility to their fellow human that teaching safe firearms discipline at a young age truly promotes. This campaign is anti gun at it's core and promotes a "good for us, but not for you" attitude toward firearm use and ownership.

If you're social media savvy and a law abiding firearm owner, make sure to take to social media and tell Crime Stoppers what a #WorldWithoutGuns means to you. Tell them of the friendships and memories that have been made, the life lessons in self reliance, and the responsibility taught to your children........ #WithGuns.