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H&K opening a US in Georgia may mean civilian sales of rare firearms like the MP7.

Looks like Heckler & Koch (H&K) thinks that Georgia sucks a bit less and no longer hates them. The German arms manufacturer is building a 23 million dollar factory in Columbus, Georgia.

H&K's refusal to work with US import laws, along with the admittedly premium price, has adopted a tongue in cheek "slogan" from the civilian firearm community for H&K's attitude toward civilian sales "Because you suck. And we hate you.". With this latest move toward building a US manufacturing plant it does appear that H&K has chosen to no longer ignore the largest civilian firearms market in the world.

What they will be producing remains to be seen as they start tooling up, but it's safe to assume that with 40% of H&K's production bound for the US and purchased by civilian shooters they will have the ability to flex with and meet market demands for their product lines.

H&K has clarified that the new facility will not be used to produce US military sales and is only producing civilian focused firearms. This does of course raise hopes to see civilian legal production versions of guns currently considered to be unicorns, such as the MP7? Perhaps expanded choices of the SP5K? Only time will tell.