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RCMP opinion prohibits 80% receivers.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Canadian Firearms Lab issued a memo yesterday declaring unfinished blocks of metal to be considered a firearm.

Specifically the memo appears to target unfinished lower receivers and frames known as 80% receivers. This not only treats an unfinished product as a firearm in their eyes, but it goes one step further with AR-15 80% receivers and they are now listed as prohibited as they could theoretically be manufactured into M-16's. That's right, the RCMP consider a lump of metal that can in no way function as a firearm so dangerous that they are fine with locking up owners with mandatory minimum sentences for a prohibited weapon.

Considering that enthusiasts were buying these 80% forgings and using them for years solely for everyday items like pen holders this new decision from the Firearms Lab is heavy handed. Clearly the punishment fits the crime of keeping a decorative office piece and storing pens in it, now off to prison with you, you hardcore criminal. Of course some firearm owners were finishing their 80% receivers into firearms, but being a law abiding citizen they were also properly registering them with the Firearms Lab. This opinion has overnight turned tens of thousands of law abiding citizens into criminals, which could possibly double the prison population of all of Canada, over a non-functioning piece of metal.

This memo, and subsequent change to include 80% receivers to the Firearms Reference Table (FRT) as actual firearms, isn't law. This is RCMP Firearms Lab opinion, which is often decreed by them as law, but it isn't the law. In a free democratic western society it's important that the laws governing the citizens are passed by the government and in turn those laws have been agreed upon by the citizenry, at least theoretically. For a Police force to be able to masquerade opinion as law, and thereby punish select citizens with the extent of the law based on their opinion, is a dangerous step away from Democracy and toward a Police State.

Even though this isn't law, if it hasn't already happened you can now bet that someone will be caught up into the legal system over this new opinion of the Firearms Lab. Hopefully justice and logic will prevail in this case and whoever that is will be found not guilty, but that will only be after the defendant has spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal defense and had their reputation in the community ruined.

Source; RCMP receiver blank memo.