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Everyone in the firearm community has seen it, and everyone knows of at least one journalistic hatchet job aimed at firearm owners. It evokes the usual reaction of letters to the editor, rebuttals, and backlash. However with the recent trend of centering on digital media, is this the proper approach from the firearm community?

There was a warning issued that ISIS has released a list of thousands of churches on United States soil that they have threatened to attack. This list covers churches in all 50 States and is said to be planned during the holiday season. A firearm instructor and trainer has come forward to offer armed protection for Christmas day services, and is willing to go as far as a 10 hour drive to assist any church that would desire his services.

It's that time of year again, where Canadian media fixates on the tragic events of École Polytechnique always accompanied by some kind of 'expert' that's using the tragedy to call for stricter nationwide gun controls. This dark day in Canadian history is used every year as a rally cry for stricter gun control from a small, but vocal, segment of the population. The fact that they would use such a tragedy to advance a political agenda is beyond sickening.

One of the Conservative Party Member of Parliament running for leadership of the party, Kellie Leitch, is vowing to legalize pepper spray as a way to reduce violence against women. Currently mace, tear gas, pepper sprays, or any spray or gas designed for use against humans is prohibited for civilian ownership in Canada.