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Time's running out to buy an AR-15.

Here's a list of Canadian businesses that still have AR-15 for sale. You have very little time left to act before the rumoured announcement that may prohibit the AR-15 and variants.

Brownells BR-10 rifles in .308 Winchester.

One of the interesting developments to be released in time for Shot Show 2018 is the BRN-10 line of retro rifles from Brownells. The BRN-10A and BRN-10B are rifles chambered in .308 Winchester that are part of the Brownells retro line. The entire retro line are built to appear as they would have when they seen service from 1955 to 1982.

NEA 102 pre sale.

The NEA102 is a non-restricted semi automatic modern sporting rifle chambered in 7.62x51 NATO. Currently it's available in three colours of black, OD Green, and FDE.

IWI released a spec list of the Tavor 7.

Two days ago Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) released a teaser picture of a 7.62x51 Tavor. They've now released the proposed specs of the rifle.

IWI US teaser pic of a 7.62 NATO Tavor.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) US released a teaser picture today that is sure to have many people wondering where to put their order in, a 7.62 NATO Tavor.

A safety recall has been issued due to a disconnector in the fire control group.

Daniel Defense, a premier manufacturer of AR-15 rifles, has issued a safety recall on a number of their rifles.

IWI US Tavor X95 is now shipping in .300 Blackout.

The newest model in the Tavor lineage, the X95, is a hot seller in all of North America. With refined ergonomics and the ability to take STANAG (AR15) magazines it's no wonder that this carbine is so popular.

Noveske NSD with permanently attached silencer.

Noveske has announced that the NSD rifle has begun production and will be shipping to dealers once the ATF forms are granted.

Knifewear, a company that sells premium kitchen cutlery, was banned from advertising on Facebook.

Knifewear, a Calgary based company, that sells high end kitchen cutlery has had their advertising banned from Facebook.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane has conducted tests between M-LOK and KeyMod.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center - Crane (NSWC-Crane) recently ran a test on behalf of United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) that evaluated KeyMod and M-LOK weapon accessory attachment systems.

Colt re-enters revolver market with the updated Colt Cobra.

Colt re-enters the revolver market with their first announced revolver being the re-release of the Cobra double action revolver.

Steyr files lawsuit againt the Sig Sauer removable chassis system (pictured).

Steyr Arms has filed a lawsuit against Sig Sauer claiming that Sig has infringed on Steyr's patent with the P320 and P250 removable chassis system.

The Bren 2 chambered in 7.62x39mm, has been selected by the GIGN.

The French National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN) has selected the Bren 2 chambered in 7.62x39mm.

After long waiting, the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 is approved!

After 4 years of awaiting FRT approval the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 has been approved for civilian ownership in Canada. It will come in two forms as a pistol and as a carbine.

Jim Fuller announces sale of Rifle Dynamics.

The owner of Rifle Dynamics, Jim Fuller, announced on Facebook that he accepted an offer to sell the company to 'a group of long time friends'. The sale price and buyers haven't been disclosed at this time.

After years of being in the classification line at the Firearms Lab the Sig Sauer MPX has finally been approved for civilian ownership in Canada. It will come in two forms; as a pistol and as a carbine.

The Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) X95 is appoved for non-restricted status in Canada! The new Tavor X95 is the next generation bullpup from IWI US, Inc. and it brings the Israeli made bullpup family further into modern rifle ergonomics.

After a long enough wait since it's announcement to have achieved near mythical status the Bushmaster ACR DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is finally being manufactured by Bushmaster.

The B&T APC223 has been approved in Canada for both Non-Restricted and Restricted models! This has been a long process and the importer Wolverine Supplies is now taking pre-orders. There is no set ETA but it's likely to be in 2017, but we of course hope to be pleasantly surprised.

S&J Hardware has launched a new and improved version of their website! It still has that 'new site smell' but it works great and we haven't detected any issues that would ruin a shoppers experience. This new version of their site has been some time in the making and it has been worth the wait for a glitch free shopping experience.