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S&J Hardware has launched a new and improved version of their website! It still has that 'new site smell' but it works great and we haven't detected any issues that would ruin a shoppers experience. This new version of their site has been some time in the making and it has been worth the wait for a glitch free shopping experience.

S&J Hardware has quickly become the leading Canadian source and authority of custom designed shotguns, body armour, and Canadian made firearms accessories. They've been making high quality firearm accessories with great success, and have been innovating the market with accessories like their shotgun bayonet mount.

S&J Hardware has also been innovating in the market of Nylon tactical gear and has designed and brought to market great nylon products like the Detachable Shotshell Carrier MKIII.

Another exciting development with S&J Hardware is their partial partnered acquisition of Spatha Tactical. Spatha Tactical is known for their muzzle breaks such as the Bestiarii threadless muzzle break that have a unique system that allows for their mounting on rifles with unthreaded barrels.

With the launch of the new site, partnership into Spatha Tactical, and constant innovation in their area of the market we expect to see good things in the future come from S&J Hardware. They're great people that will get you squared away with whatever you need, and a friends of ours at Hoplite Tactical. They can be found on the web at http://www.sjhardware.com/