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The B&T APC223 has been approved in Canada for both Non-Restricted and Restricted models! This has been a long process and the importer Wolverine Supplies is now taking pre-orders. There is no set ETA but it's likely to be in 2017, but we of course hope to be pleasantly surprised.

The pre-order price is $3600 Canadian, and the expected regular price after that is to be $3900. So there is a monetary reward for pre-ordering if you can, but needless to say that these rifles aren't going to be cheap. The price is for a stock version and there are a number of aftermarket add ons for additional cost that a person can choose from such as a telescoping stock.Non-Restriced B&T APC223

Pictured B&T APC223 is for reference and may not reflect final product configuration in Canada.

The specifications of the Non-Restricted Canadian APC223 are;

Part # BT-36056 B&T Sporting Carbine APC223 dedicated Canadian Version. Non Restricted

  • Cal ,223 Rem (5.56 Nato chamber) semi automatic only
  • Barrel length 477 mm Factory fitted loather Walther
  • “Match length” hand guards.
  • Ambidextrous safety & magazine release
  • Two magazines 5/30 pinned
  • Vertical foregrip
  • Open sights to fit NAC (Nato Accessory rail)
  • Flash hider
  • Foldable stock (Skelton)
  • 3 rubber rail covers
  • Cleaning kit, sling, case and manual

The specifications of the Restricted Canadian APC223 are;

Part # BT-36058 B&T rifle APC223 restricted

  • Cal .223 Rem (5.56 mm Nato chamber)
  • Barrel length 264 mm
  • Ambidextrous safety & magazine release
  • Two magazines 5/30 pinned
  • Vertical foregrip
  • Open sights for NAR (Nato Accessary rail)
  • Two chamber compensator
  • Foldable stock (Skeleton)
  • Three rubber rail cove
  • Cleaning kit, sling, case and manual

The Lothar Walther barrels that are used in the Canadian APC223;

  • Material 34CrNiMo6
  • Chamber .223Rem (5.56 CIP) polished
  • Twist 9” (229mm) right hand
  • Grooves 6
  • Land 5.56 + 0.02
  • Grove 5.69 + 0.03
  • Straightness -0.01 drop-gauge 150mm long

Specifications might be subject to change depending on any further import / export regulations.