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After a long enough wait since it's announcement to have achieved near mythical status the Bushmaster ACR DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is finally being manufactured by Bushmaster.

Bushmaster ACR DMR.The long wait is due to a combination of the original ACR sales not doing very well in the US, and the AR-15 sales doing extremely well in the US. This of course forced Bushmaster to understandably focus their attention to the AR platform which have been receiving record breaking sales in the last few years.

The rifle will not be cheap, with a price tag of $3400 Canadian dollars attached to it. This is however cheaper than converting a ACR currently on the market to non-restricted status, and then adding the aftermarket parts such as the PRS stock and Geissele Trigger.

If you've wanted a non-restricted ACR but didn't want the hassle of converting it from restricted classification to non-restricted yourself then this is the rifle for you. The first production run of these rifles have been manufactured and are expected to arrive in November 2016.

The current advertised configuration of the ACR DMR is;

  • 18.5’’ Stainless Steel Heavy Barrel with Melonite finish.
  • 5.56/223 Chamber
  • Threaded muzzle with Advanced Armament BlackOut Flash Suppressor.
  • Geissele Trigger PRS 2 Fully adjustable stock
  • Tri-Rail Aluminum handguard