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After years of being in the classification line at the Firearms Lab the Sig Sauer MPX has finally been approved for civilian ownership in Canada. It will come in two forms; as a pistol and as a carbine.

SIG Sauer MPX approved for Canadian Civilian ownership.This 9mm firearm shares many ergonomic characteristics with the AR-15, which means that people used to running the AR-15 will feel right at home with the MPX. The ergonomics is where the carry over from the AR-15 ends however, as the MPX operates off of a short-stroke gas piston meaning that it's not classed as a AR variant and not restricted by name in Canada. As of factory configuration it is classified as restricted based off of either the pistol designation, or with the carbine the barrel length. This does open the door however for conversion to non-restricted classification in Canada if you were to install a longer barrel and have it re-classified, which for our US readers means that Canadians can enjoy a non-restricted MPX outside of a designated firing range and on Federal land. A barrel conversion would have to be done by a gunsmith or qualified converter as there is no current factory barrel long enough to fit the bill.

The interesting part of the classification is that there are two classifications of the MPX as a pistol and as a carbine. This allows carbine conversions as previously noted, and the ability to use 'pistol' magazines from the pistol classified MPX to obtain a 10 round legal capacity in Canada rather than the 5 round capacity that a carbine would otherwise be limited to. For some reason magazines are said to apparently be imported for both a carbine which will be limited to 5 rounds, and as a pistol magazine which will be limited to 10 rounds, if that makes any sense. However it is currently legal to use a pistol magazine in a carbine for a 10 round capacity.

The Canadian MSRP hasn't been announced as of yet, but looking south of the border the MPX is going for around $2000 USD, which after conversion to $ CAD and import fees this doesn't appear that it's going to be a cheap firearm. However for a reliable pistol caliber carbine that also has AR-15 ergonomics this promises to be a strong contender in the pistol caliber category.