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Jim Fuller announces sale of Rifle Dynamics.

The owner of Rifle Dynamics, Jim Fuller, announced on Facebook that he accepted an offer to sell the company to 'a group of long time friends'. The sale price and buyers haven't been disclosed at this time.

Fuller started Rifle Dynamics ten years ago to as a "small thing" that was going to take care of his wife and him in their retirement by building custom AK's, and it has become one of the best shops in the market doing so at this time. Fuller has stated that he isn't leaving the company, only that he's tired of working with the business side of it and wants to go back to doing what he does best, working with his hands and building top level AK's.

His hope is that by the end of the year the market will be able to see Rifle Dynamics AK's on retailer shelves. While these will be retail AK's Fuller has said they will be made from billet parts and not castings, and still incorporate the high quality that he has made his companies name with. This gives the average person the chance to touch and feel the quality of the Rifle Dynamics AK and to see what the extra money buys them over other AK's on the market. Being able to handle a Rifle Dynamics AK always removes any doubt of the quality of rifle that you're getting from a potential buyer, and they're looking to only put them on the shelves of 'select dealers' which promises to allow them to only place high quality rifles on the shelves.

For now, despite rumours, the new owners of Rifle Dynamics haven't been disclosed but we look forward to hearing who that is in the future.