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Colt re-enters revolver market with the updated Colt Cobra.

Colt re-enters the revolver market with their first announced revolver being the re-release of the Cobra double action revolver.

It's been in the rumor mill this year that Colt would be releasing a line of revolvers after many years of not being in this segment of the pistol market. The rumors have now been confirmed and are coming to fruition with the Cobra double action six round revolver that is chambered in .38 special rated for +P.

The Cobra is stainless steel, comes with a Colt rubber grip, and sports a 2" barrel. The sights are interchangeable and come stock with a red fiber optic front sight. The new Cobra sports Colts Linear Leaf Spring Version 2 (LL2), which Colt claims provides for a "premium trigger pull without the need for hand fitting". Also changed in the new design are a larger trigger guard for gloved hands and moving the gear reward for recoil mitigation.

The Cobra being the first new release, or re-release, in Colt revolvers is targeted for the concealed carry market. MSRP for the revolver is $699 and it is making its way through the distribution channels now.