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Knifewear, a company that sells premium kitchen cutlery, was banned from advertising on Facebook.

Knifewear, a Calgary based company, that sells high end kitchen cutlery has had their advertising banned from Facebook.

Knifewear is a company that sells premium kitchen cutlery, and browsing their line of products offered there is nothing on their site that has it's intended use for anything other than kitchen cutlery. Most of our readers will be familiar with Facebook's policy of using their services to sell "weapons" and regularly bans ads from gun companies. Yet how they reached this conclusion with Knifewear's product line is a bit of a stretch, other than the products are pointy and can fillet a steak with class.

Kevin Kent, CEO of Knifewear Group, took to Twitter to announce the advertising ban with a bit humor regarding the situation;

Kent has released a public statement outside of Twitter saying; “Facebook is great. We built a really good community there, but they banned us recently from advertising because they said we sold weapons and ammunition. We sell kitchen knives. The only thing we’re dangerous to is tomatoes.”

The first time they were banned from Facebook advertising Knifeware appealed the ban, which was overturned. After the ban was overturned they went back to advertising and were promptly banned again, and when Knifeware appealed again the ban stuck.

It's no secret nor surprise that social media is targeting "weapon friendly" channels, groups, and pages for lower ratings, bans, and demonitization. Examples such as with Knifewear are solid proof of how far they are going. This is why it is more important than ever to bookmark your favorite sites, subscribe to their newsletters, "like" and "share" their content, and "subscribe" or "follow" them. Not only will you assist sites that are allied in your beliefs to grow organically since they can no longer rely on algorithms to help them, but by bookmarking their site and subscribing to their newsletters you can stay in touch should they receive permanent bans from social media for in-arbitrary reasons.

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Browse Knifewear's website by clicking here and see that there is only kitchen cutlery and no clear reason to have been banned from advertising.