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IWI US Tavor X95 is now shipping in .300 Blackout.

The newest model in the Tavor lineage, the X95, is a hot seller in all of North America. With refined ergonomics and the ability to take STANAG (AR15) magazines it's no wonder that this carbine is so popular.

The newest model to launch, in .300 Blackout, is now shipping from IWI US. This will offer suppressor friendly areas another option in the .300 Blackout family, and even in non-suppressor friendly areas (cough.... Canada.... cough) it will offer a .30 caliber carbine that is capable of hunting deer sized game. With the new .300 Blackout version hitting the market the X95 is sure to stay a popular choice of carbine for the future. They are shipping in the US now with a MSRP of $2049 USD, and there is no word as of yet when they will be imported to Canada.

The official press release from IWI US is as follows;The Highly-Anticipated IWI US TAVOR X95 in .300 Blackout is Now Shipping

Ultra-reliable, ergonomic, compact and now available in the quiet yet hard hitting 300 BLK, the TAVOR X95 may just be the ultimate personal defense weapon.

Harrisburg, Pa. (May 2017) – IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., is pleased to announce, after much customer anticipation, the first shipments of its award-winning TAVOR X95 in .300 Blackout are leaving the warehouse and shipping to dealers everywhere.

The TAVOR X95 recently won the 2017 Golden Bullseye Award for Rifle of the Year from Shooting Illustrated. Before it was winning awards in the U.S., it was in Israel defending freedom and fighting terrorism, proving itself to be reliable and capable in the most extreme conditions.

The X95 in 300 BLK eats subsonic or supersonic rounds, suppressed or unsuppressed, due to the barrel’s easy-to-adjust integral gas regulator. The rifle incorporates a tri-rail forearm covered by three removable vented rail covers, allowing the shooter to customize it with lights, lasers and other accessories. The TAVOR-style grip is modular and can be easily converted to a more conventional pistol grip with a traditional trigger guard. The charging handle has also been relocated closer to the shooter’s center mass and unlike the TAVOR, the ambidextrous magazine release is located in the traditional AR-15 location near the trigger guard on the TAVOR X95. Available in Black, FDE and OD Green, the TAVOR X95 features a lightweight 6-pound trigger pull.