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IWI US teaser pic of a 7.62 NATO Tavor.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) US released a teaser picture today that is sure to have many people wondering where to put their order in, a 7.62 NATO Tavor.

There isn't any information available at this time, but one look at the picture and you notice that the Tavor has a 7.62x51 SR 25 pattern PMAG which of course also handles .308 Winchester. The rifle looks like the original Tavor in appearance, but it has a magazine release near the trigger group much like the X95. The front handguard also appears to be readily removable from the rifle which could allow for the ability of aftermarket handguards.

Since the release of the Tavor by IWI US into the US market the bullpup platform has been brought back to life. With this addition to the product line up the Tavor will only continue to rise in popularity. Since IWI US is now handling North American orders Canadians and ban States can likely expect a 18.5" barrel "DMR" version will be for sale much like the X95 and original Tavor.