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Brownells BR-10 rifles in .308 Winchester.

One of the interesting developments to be released in time for Shot Show 2018 is the BRN-10 line of retro rifles from Brownells. The BRN-10A and BRN-10B are rifles chambered in .308 Winchester that are part of the Brownells retro line. The entire retro line are built to appear as they would have when they seen service from 1955 to 1982.

The interesting part of the line, at least for our Canadian readers, is that the BRN-10A and BRN-10B, if true to the original design could very well be based on the AR-102. This would mean that they very well stand the potential to be a non-restricted rifle in Canada that you can hunt with and lawfully use outside of a designated range. The BRN-10A and BRN-10B were in service from 1955 to 1960.

How is this possible, aren't all AR's restricted you ask? The AR-102 predates the legislative cut off of where the AR family of rifles are restricted by name. This is how the BCL-102 is a non-restricted rifle, it's based on the AR-102 design. To help alleviate your confusion as the next logical conclusion is to ask why all AR-10 rifles aren't non-restricted, a good number of modern AR-10 designs are up scaled AR-15's and thus restricted by name. Any rifle that is truly based on the AR-102 would meet the legal requirements to have a classification based on barrel length, and so long as it's 18.6" or above it would be non-restricted.

The pre-order prices of the rifles are $1599.99 USD with the rumour that they might be $100 USD more expensive after they launch.

So while they are new, and haven't been submitted for approval with the Canadian Firearms Centre, the BRN-10 rifles have the potential of being a non-restricted rifle in Canada so long as they're truly based on the original design. Only the future can tell the classification, but this could be another potentially non-restricted .308 semi automatic rifle to add to the few choices that Canadians have in this area.