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GIRAITĖS GINKLUOTĖS GAMYKLA (GGG) ammunition is a small arms manufacturing company based out of Lithuania that is relatively young and quickly making a name for itself with high quality products.

GGG NATO Certified Military Ammunition

Being a relatively young company the GGG cartridges were successfully qualified at NATO European Regional Test Center (ERTC) in UK 2005, at which point GGG gained the right to mark its cartridges with the NATO inter change ability sign. The standard marking of GGG 5.56×45 mm cartridges produced in accordance to the requirements for SS109 is GP21. For the GGG 7.62×51 mm cartridges the standard marking is GP11 and are produced in accordance to the requirements for M80. All GGG NATO qualified ammunition has confirmed NATO Stock Numbers (NSN). This makes GGG a company that is setup to serve the law enforcement and military with high quality NATO qualified ammunition.

For the civilian and sport shooting side of the company GGG also manufactures .223 Remington and .308 Winchester ammunition. Their ammunition meant for the civilian market is manufactured following the same strict quality control requirements that are laid out for their military ammunition. Both the .223 and .308 cartridge can come with either a full metal jacket bullet, or with a Sierra bullet that can deliver match grade performance. This allows both a bulk option for the volume shooter, or a match grade accurate option for the precision shooter which gives the civilian market the choice of cartridge suited to your sport shooting requirement. GGG Civilian Sport Shooting Ammunition

Currently GGG ammunition is NRCAN approved and expected to be coming into the country first quarter of 2017. Civilian customer pre-orders are going on now, and you can receive a promo code to use with your pre-order by signing up to our newsletter on the side of our page. Retailer inquiries are also welcome, and if you contact us at Hoplite Tactical we have retailer exclusive promo codes that you can use with your pre-order.

Best of all this high quality ammunition with superb quality control is coming in at a very competitive price, being priced right in line with current ammunition that might not be held up to such high quality controls. Initial reports are that even the bulk ammunition can deliver MOA achievable accuracy at standard .223 pricing. We're very excited to get some of the ammunition in and will update you with our findings once we've done in field reviews and testing.

For more information about GGG ammo you can find them at http://www.ggg-ammo.ca/