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Starline releases .300 Blackout Brass.

Starline Brass recently announced that it will add .300 Blackout to it's growing line up of top quality unused brass for the reloader.

While maintaining the high end quality control and superior product that Starline is known for, they're promising to deliver the new .300 Blackout brass at half the price of comparable offerings. This could very well increase the availability of .300 Blackout while competitively lowering the market price overall, which is a good thing for this caliber.

Introduced in 2009 by Advanced Armament Corporation for the AR15, .300 Blackout was designed to be loaded at subsonic velocities for suppressed use. The .300 Blackout is SAAMI standardized and based on the .300/.221 Fireball, although the Blackout was designed to be built off of the 5.56 case.

At subsonic velocities the .300 Blackout is a suitable cartridge for game animals up to the size of deer. With it's low recoil it quickly became an excellent choice for small stature and recoil sensitive hunters. The popularity in the hunting community broadened the .300 Blackout from solely the AR15 to being offered in bolt action and single shot rifles.