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In Canada, for semi automatic rifle magazine limits are restricted to what the magazine was originally designed for. So in the case of a magazine designed for a semi automatic rifle the magazine limit is 5 rounds of what calibre the magazine was designed for. In the case of a magazine designed for a semi automatic pistol, the magazine limit is 10 rounds of what calibre the magazine was designed for. This is the law that allows for specific pistols that also share magazines with rifles to 'lend' their magazines to the rifle to allow for 10 rounds to be legally used in the rifle.

Alberta Tactical AT-15 Pistol magazine.

Enter the AT15 pistol, a AR-15 style pistol designed and manufactured by Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply (ATRS). ATRS specializes in custom firearm builds, which include AT15 pistols that are highly customized pistols that use a STANAG magazine. The AT15 being available on the market is what has given ATRS the legal ability to design and manufacture the AT15 pistol magazine, which holds 10 glorious rounds of 5.56 NATO / .223 Remington ammunition.

A STANAG pistol magazine isn't a new thing on the market. However these magazines are nearly into a classification of their own with the ATRS design that gives them a unique body length. The body length is the longest STANAG pistol magazine on the market and allows for someone to use these in standard magazine pouches without modification to the pouch which is sorely needed with shorter bodied pistol magazines.

In our testing of these magazines they've been flawless after thousands of rounds, they just simply work. The only issue that has arisen in our testing is that they don't drop free in our Colt Canada Integrated Upper Receiver 15.7" rifle. This could be a rifle specific problem as we've seen the same magazines drop free from other magazine wells with no assistance.

These magazines work in all STANAG compatible rifles such as the Tavor, Remington ACR, Robinson Armament XCR, T97, SU-16, and more. The magazines come highly recommended by us for all disciplines of firearm sport, range use, plinking, and general fun. Find them at Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply by clicking here.