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Field stripping the ATRS Modern Varminter Rifle.

We show how to field strip and basic cleaning of the Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply Modern Varminter rifle. Being a different design from the AR-15 it does disassemble in a unique way that you may not be used to.

The Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply Modern Varminter in custom configuration.

Our review of the Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply Modern Varminter rifle consists of a tabletop review, range footage, and 100m groups.

Andrea showing her target from shooting her first AR-15.

Andrea, from Amazing-Andrea shoots an AR-15 for her first time. She's shooting a Colt Canada (Diemaco) C8 Integrated Upper Receiver (IUR) AR-15 rifle.

We shoot the ATRS Modern Varminter for 5 sets of 100m groups.

We shoot 100 meter groups with the Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply Modern Varminter Rifle. Ammunition used was Agulia .223 Remington 55grain FMJ. We fired 5 shot groups, into 5 separate circles of the target.

The Silent-SR ISB is a barrel for the 10/22 Takedown that offers integral supression.

It's hard to find a more ubiquitous rifle than the Ruger 10/22, and even harder to improve on it. The Silent-SR Integrally-Suppressed Barrel (ISB) could just be one of those hard to find improvements.

The XM556 Microgun, a minigun that will end up on your wish list.

The XM556 Microgun, a handheld minigun, could be the firearm that would check every mark on your wish list.

Two of the Modern Sporting Rifles that we've had at Hoplite Tactical. A Colt Canada IUR AR-15, and a Swiss Arms SIG Carbine.

The debate between "traditional hunting" and "tactical" rifles is one that is used to divide the firearm owning community with each passage of anti-firearm laws.