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The Silent-SR ISB is a barrel for the 10/22 Takedown that offers integral supression.

It's hard to find a more ubiquitous rifle than the Ruger 10/22, and even harder to improve on it. The Silent-SR Integrally-Suppressed Barrel (ISB) could just be one of those hard to find improvements.

The Silent-SR is a Integrally-Suppressed Barrel (hence the ISB moniker) barrel that is compatible with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown, the 10/22 Takedown Lite and the 22 Charger Pistol. The overall length of the ISB is 16.12" with an effective barrel length of 10.62" and the advertised decibel rating is 113.2 dB with standard .22lr velocity ammunition.

Disassembly of the Silent-SR ISB.
Disassembly of the Silent-SR ISB.

Disassembly for cleaning appears to be quite easy with a removable bolt underneath the front bore that once loosened off allows the baffles to slide out the front. The baffles stack itself is made of 17-4 stainless steel baffles that interlock creating a seal that keeps the tube clear of .22lr combustion debris and fouling. The downward extended baffles allow a good amount of volume while keeping a very clean line to the barrel, so clean that it's almost difficult to tell the barrel is suppressed at all.

For now in the US this is still a NFA item, and will remain so until the Hearing Protection Act passes (if it passes, time will tell). In Canada this is a Prohibited item for the foreseeable future, unless the laws surrounding firearm suppression change to be more reasonable and allow for civilian suppression of a firearm.