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The Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply Modern Varminter in custom configuration.

Our review of the Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply Modern Varminter rifle consists of a tabletop review, range footage, and 100m groups.

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Our review of the Alberta Tactical Rifle Supply Modern Varminter Rifle was performed over two separate range days firing 160 rounds of Agulia 55grain .223 Remington Ammunition. There was no wiping down of the internals nor any cleaning of the rifle during any portion of the process and the rifle performed without a single malfunction.

This is a custom Modern Varminter built by ATRS and consists of high end parts. ATRS has recently said that they will be releasing "factory" versions of the rifle that will come in priced competitively on the market although they will not have the custom parts.

The 100m group sizes were;
0.90 MOA
1.43 MOA
0.90 MOA
1.02 MOA
0.53 MOA
Average group size 0.96 MOA

The Modern Varminter Rifle is equipped with;
18.6" Stainless Lilja Barrel
Nightforce Optics​ 2.5-10x32 NPR-2 reticle
JP Buffer
Timney Trigger
Magpul Industries Corp. Pmag
KFS Industries​ Tacmod Stock
Precision Reflex Inc. (PRi)​ Handguard
Versa-Pod Bipod​ BiPod
Alberta Tactical Rifle Precision Matched Rings