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Grey Man RIP-M panel mounted on the back of a seat.

It isn't hard to find MOLLE panels and seat covers manufactured by a decent array of manufacturers. Enough so that it's fairly difficult to find a product that stands out from the crowd.

Although at first glance it's easy to just pass off as just another panel company, Grey Man Tactical manufactures a product called the Rigid MOLLE Panel (RIP-M) that stands out from the crowd. This isn't just another company manufacturing a MOLLE seat panel or covering it onto a backpack, they design a system of panels that can nearly go onto or into anything you can think of.

The Grey Man Tactical panels have chosen to go with a rigid material that holds it's form well in a variety of positions. This allows for mounting in unique positions and in compartments that would present challenges to Cordura. MOLLE seat and cargo panels are a useful tool that help to organize your gear, but most stand out like a billboard that screams that you have something good in your vehicle.

Browsing the Grey Man Tactical site shows their panel doesn't come in any kind of popular tactical colours or patterns, which actually does make them a little more difficult to spot in your vehicle in plain view. Where the Grey Man panels do really stand out is how they can be hidden, like underneath folding seats for example, to help with the "Grey Man" philosophy of not standing out and not doing anything to scream that you have something good. While we're speaking a good amount about vehicle panels it's also worth noting that the RIP-M comes in sizes designed to fit in backpacks, cases, and other types of compartments that you can think of that would fit the panel size.

The price of the panels are higher then most competitors, however the utility of the panel makes up for the difference in price point. These unique panels do offer flexibility in organizing your gear, and mounting to discreet places in order to hide that gear as well.

Grey Man RIP-M Panel mounted underneath a folding truck seat.
Grey Man RIP-M Panel mounted underneath a folding truck seat.
Grey Man RIP-M Panel with seat folded down.
Grey Man RIP-M Panel with seat folded down.