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The CMP might bring 86000 M1's back to US soil.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has confirmed that there could be up to 86000 M1 Garand rifles coming back to the USA from the Philippines.

Since these rifles are already property of the US Government, if these rifles come back to the US they would only be coming in at the cost of shipping. This gives the opportunity for these rifles to be very affordable and likely able to come in below the cost of current market value for a M1 Garand.

What was once the main US battle rifle and made in large quantities in World War 2 the M1 Garand can command high prices on the collectors market today. A mixture of their historical significance, battle proven reliability, and the fact that they are no longer in production continues to drive the prices of M1's up. If the CMP can bring in 86000 rifles in the near future this could provide an affordable opportunity for people that are interested in picking up their own M1 Garand.