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Hera Arms new CQG Rifle stock and foregrip.

If you want a new and unique stock and foregrip set that looks like it's out of some sort of movie based in the future then Hera Arms has made some cool looking furniture for you.

The CQR rifle stock and foregrip is drop on furniture for the AR-15 made by Hera Arms designed for the civilian, law enforcement, and military markets. The rifle stock is easy to install with basic AR-15 tools onto a Mil-Spec Carbine buffertube, and the CQR foregrip installs on any type of standard Picatinny rails.

The CQR is made with close quarter applications for short barrel rifles, and to that end it appears to be designed similar to the FN P90 personal defense weapon. Hera Arms has emphasised that the combined rifle stock and foregrip is ideal for short barrel rifle builds, and is flush with the rail system giving the rifle it's on a compact appearance.

The rifle stock isn't adjustable for length of pull on the fly like most AR-15 stocks are, but there are spacers that can be installed to the stock to fit the length of pull to the owner. The CQR furniture is available in Black, Tan, and OD Green, and has QD attachment points for sling attachment. Hera also offers the stock to have an aluminium plate to offer a featureless buttstock for States such as California. The MSRP of the rifle stock is $119.00 USD, the foregrip MSRP is $39.00, and the featureless rifle stock MSRP is $124.99 USD.