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FightLite grants Canadian distribution to Wolverine Supplies. Pictured is a MCR.

FightLite Industries, the manufacturer that makes some interesting firearms designs, recently selected Wolverine Supplies as their official distributor for Canada.

One of FightLite Industries more recognized designs, the MCR (Mission Configurable Rifle), is a AR-15 type rifle with a unique upper receiver, this allows it to feed from either standard magazines or from disintegrating links. The MCR upper receiver is not considered a firearm, and the upper can be mated with most AR-15 lower receivers. Conditionally Wolverine is looking to bring in complete rifles for retail to the civilian market, and there is interest in just the upper receiver although it would require changing of select parts to work with existing lower receivers.

FightLite Industries SCR
The SCR could be a potential big seller in Canada.

The SCR could potentially be a big seller in Canada as being a rifle that's technically "not an AR-15". It's a semi automatic rifle that takes STANAG compatible magazines (AR magazines) and that can accept an AR-15 upper receiver. With AR-15's the upper receiver isn't the portion that's considered the firearm, so the potential of the SCR lower receiver being classified as non-restricted is available. However there are past examples of the Canadian Firearms Lab classifying anything that can accept a AR upper receiver, or even tie a receiver onto it, as an AR-15 and thus grant it a restricted classification. Wolverine Supplies does have a history of challenging the classification given from the Firearms Lab, and does have cases of past success, so it will be interesting to see what this firearm will be classified as in the future.

Finally with the MXR family of pistol caliber carbines, newly introduced at Shot Show, Wolverine Supplies is working with FightLight to possibly bring a uniquely Canadian MXR to market. This Canadian version of the MXR is in pre-production and will have a long enough barrel to potentially be classified as non-restricted. John Hipwell, the owner of Wolverine Supplies has confirmed the target pricing to hopefully be around $700 USD, which is subject to change, but needless to say that this will be one of the more affordable pistol caliber carbines on the market. The unique design of the magwell allows for different pistol magazines to be used (such as Glock, and Sig) allowing the carbine to feed from the same magazines that a firearm owner may already have on hand.

With the potential for some very unique firearms designs being brought to the Canadian market, the FightLite distribution through Wolverine Supplies could be a very welcome addition to the civilian firearm variety.

FightLite MXR
The FightLite MXR could be an affordable pistol caiber carbine. (image shown doesn't represent finished Canadian version design).