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Gun control, pushed for safety, but is there profit behind it?

While billed the world over as "sensible" and "common sense" when new gun control measures are proposed, it would seem that the same people touting such buzz words could have ulterior motives of profit behind their campaigns.

When gun control agendas are being pushed it's always prudent to look at who are the ones advancing the agenda, who they are employed by, and if there are any financial incentives behind the narrative. You simply can't have gun control without large amounts of funding from either private or government sources, and there's always some sort of "expert" on the topic willing to consult in order to receive some of those funds.

Coalition for Gun Control $380600 grant.
Coalition for Gun Control $380600 taxpayer funded grant.

In Canada there is a group called "The Coalition for Gun Control" that has advanced the gun control agenda in Canada, and members of which have consulted on gun control issues worldwide on the Canadian taxpayers dime. We have uncovered a document presented by Wendy Cukier at the time representing the Coalition for Gun Control, of the Coalition billing the Canadian Government at the time for $6000 for "Briefing and Discussion on the UN 2001 Conference on Illicit Trade of Small Arms in All its Aspects". While the individual bill in this document is small by comparison of $6000, it is still an expense to advance the gun control narrative paid for by the Canadian taxpayer.

When it comes to the taxpayers dollar on the line, going extremely over budget and not delivering the proper return seems to be acceptable. As the 2002 Report of the Auditor General outlines the Department of Justice spent "about $688 million and collected about $59 million in net revenues after refunds." which was $569 million over budget and failed to achieve it's goal of offsetting the expenditure by $629 million. This was again all funded by the Canadian taxpayer which was used to setup the gun control system in place today. A system that includes the Chief Firearms Office of each Province, the Canadian Firearms Program, the Firearms Reference Table, and any private contractors paid to conduct business on behalf of the Firearms Program.

Such contractors paid to consult on issues of gun control included The Coalition for Gun Control with a $380,600 grant awarded for a proposal of "Maintaining Canada Firearms Control Legislation". This grant was once again taxpayer money paid to a private entity in order to advance the narrative of gun control in Canada. No matter if the Coalition denies it, public records are there to be found by anyone willing to look, the Coalition was paid $380600 of the taxpayers money.

Speaking of the Firearms Reference Table (FRT) for those who don't know it's basically a database in the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program that keeps reference of the model, type, and other identifying information of the known legal firearms in Canada. This database was budgeted at $2,990,000 for the years 2004-2005 to 2008-2009 when the actual cost was $4,649,452. Of course this is only $1,659,452 of the taxpayers money over budget, but what's $1.6 million dollars between friends right? With crime on a downtrend in Western society it's interesting to observe how Policing programs are justifying their budget.

This pattern of playing on the emotions of gun control while government and private entities profit from the taxpayer goes on more than a simple single article can explore, and is repeated the world over. Gun control being pushed by individuals or Policing and Government entities at face value seems genuine, but with so much money and influence behind the curtain the motives of those pushing the agenda should be exposed. So no matter what country that is exploring "sensible" gun control measures it appears to be up to the public to be the watchdog and keep tally of the players behind the scenes and the public funds being diverted to them, because it has been proven that the government is either incapable or completely inept of doing so itself.

FRT Over Budget expenses.
Here the FRT has gone more than $1.6 million over budget.


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