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Why would you need to use a tactical pack, backpack, or hydration pack? You may not be into firearms or tactical accessories but a tactical pack has more use than you may imagine.

Tactical style packs are durable, modular, and meant for ease of use. These features are just as beneficial to any sport and everyday use as they are to the tactical user. Getting into your pack fast saves time, which could mean a faster finishing time to your event, or just easier use in your daily life.

Tactical packs are durable; Typically being made from the strongest nylons of either 500D or 1000D cordura tactical packs are extremely durable. If you look at the durability as a sound investment that will last you many seasons, semesters, and hard back country use it will generally be more affordable than a pack made of cheaper materials. Why buy a pack for $100 or more that only lasts one season or semester before it starts to tear in key areas, or fall apart in the back country where your life depends on your gear, when for a bit more you can get a product that lasts the test of use and time?

Tactical packs are modular; Tactical packs tend to have horizontal webbing that is called MOLLE (pronounced molly, meaning Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) on their exterior. The MOLLE allows you to add or remove further purpose built packs and bags to the original pack. These additions to the original bag can include extra easy access storage, hydration compartments, medical compartments, paperwork compartments, tool compartments, and more. With the ability to add and remove accessories via the MOLLE system tactical packs can be built to the purpose of use for any given outing.

Tactical packs are easy to use; These packs all have a variety of compartments that can be accessed via non traditional means. No matter if it's for hydration access or refilling, electronics access to mobile devices, or just getting into the main compartments via easy access all of the tactical packs are generally easier to use. This can remove the hassle of accessing your equipment in everyday life, save you time in a sporting event or race, and allow access to gear easily in order to focus on your surroundings.

For these reasons we use tactical packs in our everyday life, and they are catching on in the general population.