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MOLLE compatible K9 gear may be self explanatory to the Police, Military, and Security groups, however how can it be of use for the pet owner?

Even if your dog is just a big loveable family pet you may have found that for camping, hiking, and various outdoor activities it's beneficial for the dog to have the ability to carry some gear. Perhaps it's own food and toys for the trip, or perhaps some assistance gear for you or your family? Whatever the need you'll soon find that you have multiple harnesses all purchased for a specific task.

Once you start investing in dog harnHoplite Tactical Supplies Doberman with CaliberDog MOLLE harness and medical assisance setup.esses you'll soon find that it's easy to have multiple harnesses that can easily run over $500 total value in gear. With a MOLLE dog harness and a few MOLLE compatible accessories you can be able to change the configuration of the harness and take the place of multiple harnesses easily for half price or less. MOLLE compatible accessories are quick and easy to add or remove to the harness allowing the dog to carry in the gear and you have the ability to remove the MOLLE accessories on arrival to the destination but leave the harness on the dog if you want to take the weight off of the dog.

The ability to modify the harness to multiple configurations saves money for the pet owner and any department that is looking to limit their budget. The harness allows the dog to be outfitted to the outing or for specific working tasks. With the modifications this can easily replace four harnesses for your K9, saving you both money and storage space.

MOLLE compatible accessories include a GoPro top or chest mount. For the pet owner this is a fun addition that would allow you to record your walks, jogs, outdoor activities and other various activities with the dog all from the perspective of the animal. For the working, service, or Police K9 GoPro mounts not only allows you to record your training, work, and play sessions but combined with the GoPro Hero3 black and the GoPro app any K9 handler can see real time information of what the dog is seeing with your portable device or phone. This allows any K9 handler a valuable surveillance tool in the field or the ability to refine training by reviewing the sessions.

Pictured is the Hoplite Tactical Doberman wearing a MOLLE vest showing the different configurations you can do with the same vest. Configurations shown are medical assistance, large saddlebag, small saddlebag and canteen, and GoPro front chest mount. With your own imagination you can get more configurations than this. This demonstrates that this one vest can easily replace four separate vests, saving you money and space.

Hoplite Tactical Supplies Doberman with CaliberDog MOLLE vest and saddlebag. Hoplite Tactical Supplies Doberman with CaliberDog MOLLE vest with small bag and canteen.Hoplite Tactical Supplies Doberman with CaliberDog MOLLE Harness GoPro chest mount and camera.