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News and reviews about ammunition, brass, reloading tools and supplies, and more.

Barnes Bullets issues ammunition recall.

Popular bullet manufacturer Barnes Bullets has just issued a safety recall on a number of their products.

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SIG SAUER announces expansion to 9mm line.

SIG SAUER announced the expansion of their 9mm Elite Performance Ammunition.

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Starline releases .300 Blackout Brass.

Starline Brass recently announced that it will add .300 Blackout to it's growing line up of top quality unused brass for the reloader.

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Hornady announces new brass cased 7.62x39.

Hornady Manufacturing Company announced that it is upgrading its 7.62x39 cartridge in the line of Black Ammunition.

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GGG ammunition coming to Canada!

GIRAITÄ–S GINKLUOTÄ–S GAMYKLA (GGG) ammunition is a small arms manufacturing company based out of Lithuania that is relatively young and quickly making a name for itself with high quality products.

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Cleaning brass from mud bog soup.

This last range day was snowy, wet, and the range was a mud bog mixed with slush. It was a great day but at the end when it came to cleanup the brass from the soupy mud mixture I thought that a good amount of it could corrode before I saved it. Getting brass dry can be a tricky circumstance in the best of conditions, but bringing home a pile of brass mixed with mud was going to be a bit more of a challenge.

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