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We cover gear from firearms, outdoor, tactical, and other related sporting categories.

Haley Strategic Thorntail on Sig SG 551 handguard

After a bit of a goose chase on how to get a Surefire Scout light onto the Sig SG 551 we found the solution with the Haley Strategic Thorntail.

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QD pockets for all rifles - Blue Force Gear Universal Wire Loop

We show how to quickly install the Blue Force Gear Universal Wire Loops for rifles that don't have QD swivel pockets already machined on the rifle.

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The benefits of adjustable stocks with body armor.

We show some of the benefits and drawbacks of rifles with and without adjustable butt stocks in use with body armor.

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Daniel Defense unveils new suppressor the DD Wave.

Daniel Defense unveils a new suppressor that takes advantage of modern 3D printing technology to have some very well thought out features.

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Grey Man rigid MOLLE panels - discreet organization panel.

It isn't hard to find MOLLE panels and seat covers manufactured by a decent array of manufacturers. Enough so that it's fairly difficult to find a product that stands out from the crowd.

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