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Firearms news from North America and around the world.

Record Canadian sales of AR-15 rifles.

With the rumours coming from Parliament Hill of a upcoming prohibition of the AR-15 rifle Canadians are doing something that has been rare; buying everything.

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Canadian Sniper sets new record for longest kill shot.

A Canadian sniper has recently shattered the world record for longest confirmed kill shot at an incredible distance of 3540 meters.

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NEA 102 gets approved as non-restricted!

The North Eastern Arms (NEA) 102 has officially been approved by the Canadian Firearms Lab with a non-restricted status.

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Canada: RCMP Firearms Lab Prohibit unfinished lower receivers.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Canadian Firearms Lab issued a memo yesterday declaring unfinished blocks of metal to be considered a firearm.

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Fostech designs 3.5 pound AR-15

In the theme of making your AR-15 lighter Fostech Outdoors may have taken the market lead with their 3.5 pound AR-15.

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Canada: Man dies from tragic accident during shooting competition.

A tragic accident in Kamloops yesterday has taken the life of a well known competitive shooter, Dr. Richard Cho, during a shooting competition.

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